Music Distribuition

What kind of content can be distributed to Facebook Rights Manager?

In this article, you will find guidelines and policies related to all distributed content in Facebook Rights Manager.

Sound Recordings Policy

As FBRM sound recordings policy says:

When using Rights Manager, you uphold that your organization owns and/or controls exclusive rights to the sound recording reference files and Audio Library content you deliver to Rights Manager for the applicable territories. You may not deliver soundtracks or compilations where you do not own exclusive rights.

References uploaded to Rights Manager and/or offered in Facebook Inc. and Instagram music products must additionally meet all of the following content standards. References unlikely to be sufficiently distinct include, but are not limited to:

References uploaded to Rights Manager and/or offered in Facebook Inc./Instagram Music products that do not meet these standards may be deleted entirely and/or prevented from matching user content without notice.

Content Availability

Content that completes ingestion may not always be available immediately for use on Facebook platforms. The availability of specific content is governed by policies set within the metadata. Territorial coverage and hence availability in any launched markets is also limited by what is asserted within the metadata.