Music Distribuition

Updates to Content ID Services

We have recently been notified by stores of some upcoming changes happening across content ID platforms which may affect your existing live catalogue of music.

Content ID is an automatic claiming system which works on a basis of protecting your music by ensuring you are paid royalties for content which contains your audio. This could be anything from users incorporating your music in a Soundcloud mix, to creating reels across Facebook and Instagramwhich feature your audio.

Music delivered to Content ID systems will automatically be set to detect matches. A ‘match’ is essentially where Content ID’s automatic system finds your music used in different types of content such as the examples above. When a match is detected, revenue is generated, and this will be paid back to you via your usual Horus Music royalties.

Content ID is a very beneficial tool for artists releasing records where 100% of the recorded music is original, as it ensures you are earning every time somebody uses your music across the platforms where they operate. It’s a particularly useful tool across Meta platforms when fans create content using your audio to help widen your reach and engagement, as content ID ensures you are still earning royalties for this.

In order to be eligible to distribute your music to content ID systems, you must ensure you meet the following criteria:

As free beats, samples and paid for beats are widely accessible to artists through sites such as SpliceLoopcloud and YouTube; when music which contains these types of beats are delivered to content ID systems, multiple matches are detected for numerous different songs. The more matches which are detected, the greater the earnings so it is very easy to manipulate content ID’s system by using this type of pre-created content, as it makes it difficult to establish who the original copyright owner is.

Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic increase in misuse of content ID systems across the music industry which has led to mass takedowns of content and numerous lawsuits. You may already be aware of the issues YouTube Content ID has recently faced, but this has now extended across platforms such as Meta, SoundcloudAudible Magic and Sound Exchange.

As trusted partners, these platforms have reached out to us to inform us they are now cracking down on the type of content which can be delivered to their content ID systems and as a result; are also going through their live catalogue and removing releases which they deem to be in breach of content ID rules.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with our artists and considering this news, we are informing you that it is possible your releases may be affected by these changes and subsequently removed from Meta (inclusive of Facebook and Instagram), Audible Magic, Soundcloud Content ID and Sound Exchange. Unfortunately, we have no control over which content these platforms will remove and due to the severity of the situation, we have been informed the decision is irreversible.

This is an issue which has affected all distributors, so we strongly advise if your music is affected by these changes not to try to re-upload through another distributor to take advantage of content ID revenue and services. This type of behaviour is fraudulent and could result in your music being removed from other platforms, not just content ID, and you could face legal proceedings.

We are here to support you every step of the way and would like to reassure you that content ID systems are separate to standard streaming and download services. If you notice your music is removed from any of the aforementioned platforms, this will have no effect on the status of your releases across platforms such as SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicAmazon MusicTidal etc.