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Spotify: Artist profile verification

To get your Spotify Artist Profile verified and to manage it yourself, you’ll need to request access to Spotify For Artists. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the blue check on your artist profile (the hallmark of Spotify-recognized profiles).

You will find all the necessary information to claim your artist profile at:


To request access to Spotify for Artists just fill out this form by following the steps below:

Spotify will check the information and then the blue checkmark will be added to your profile. This is what indicates that you are a verified artist by Spotify.

Then, Spotify For Artists will allow you to change your profile and background pictures whenever you want, create playlists, and check stats as to how, how much, and where your songs are being listened to or who are your listeners, among many other interesting data.

Moreover, you’ll be able to synchronize your profile with Songkick to show your concert dates at your profile or with Merchbar to sell your merchandising with Spotify.

Read more on how to submit your music for playlist consideration.

If a client doesn’t have any reply from Spotify after a month, they have to contact directly with them through:

How to request a label verification


The former tool Spotify Analytics was closed and merged into the Spotify for Artists platform. This free tool is now giving not only to artists but also to labels and distributors, the data they need from Spotify by providing streaming stats and helping to understand performance across your entire catalogue.

To request access to Spotify for Artists as a label just fill out this form by following the steps below:


Note: If you manage multiple labels and require content from all labels to be accessible via your Analytics account, contact from the email address linked to your Analytics account requesting the labels to be added. This process may take some time as it is a manual process.