Music Distribuition

Pinterest: Description

Pinterest is a social media platform that has over 400 million global monthly active users and enables the discovery and creation of visual content. In this platform, end users act as “creators” who can make collections of content on the platform (aka “pins”).
Among the channel’s features, creators can access a music library from where to search for and add music clips to their pins.

Agreement particularities

For now, the Pinterest agreement is an experimental arrangement for 1 year. Initially, the music library will be available only to creators in the United States, and accordingly, it will at the moment it will only be possible for creators in the United States to listen to clips from the library and add them to pins.
Pinterest’s initial plan is to launch with a limited number of around 2000 songs. However, creators will also be able to upload pins with music playing in the background (so-called “user-generated content”).
Oh the other hand, Pinterest will use 7Digital to obtain its 60-second clips from SonoSuite. If you have already distributed releases in your catalog to 7Digital, you authorize Pinterest to use your content and make it available on Pinterest service