Music Distribuition

Peloton: Description

Peloton specializes in home fitness equipment and an online service that can be accessed by end-users via a paid subscription.

Service offer

Peloton’s online service features fitness, health, and wellness content such as fitness classes and is made available by Peloton or its affiliates (or third parties via an API or similar technology approved by Peloton) to end-users for personal, non-commercial use on a streaming or on-demand basis. Peloton’s music supervisors and fitness instructors can select tracks from a programming library and add those tracks to Peloton Content that they curate.

End-users can choose to access a specific piece of Peloton content but cannot rewind or skip within that content and cannot choose to play a specific track separate and apart from the Peloton Content.

Peloton can, however, make a list of music featured in a piece of Peloton Content available to end-users.

Subscription fees

The peloton makes the following subscriptions available to end-users in exchange for a fee:


The online service is currently available in the following territories:

Peloton intends to launch in further territories in the coming months.