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Audible Magic: Description

In this article, you can find a summary of the channel Audible Magic.

Audible Magic is the trusted intermediary between rights holders (including labels, studios, distributors, publishers, and collectives) and social media platforms (including Facebook, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, and Twitch*). For 20 years, industry veterans and fast-growing startups trusts Audible Magic to offer solutions that not only enable businesses to exist but to grow and flourish.




As per DSP’s guidelines, the following genres and content types are not allowed: production loops, sound effects, karaoke recordings, classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain, DJ sets or continuous mixes, prayer recordings.


Audible Magic’s global partner network includes:

  • ViaPath (formerly GTL)
  • JPAY
  • Keefe Group
  • Turnkey Corrections
  • Audible Magic