Music Distribuition

Apple Music for Artists

This article details all the features that Apple Music for Artists offers and how to request access to the profiles.

This tool by Apple Music offers the artist access to analytics and statistics of their songs and albums distributed to this channel. Find out how many plays and sales has their catalogue, in which radios they have been included and how many times they have been played. Moreover, artists will get to know where their main listeners come from, as well as their trends and habits when they listen to the catalogue.

How to claim a profile?

To claim a profile in Apple Music for Artists the end-user has to do it through this link.

Any artist can log in with his Apple ID and fill out a form in which they will be asked to write the profile name they wish to claim, to select the albums associated with that profile and to point their role in the project (artist, manager or label manager) as well.

Apple Music will also ask to fill in the contact information as well as with the label’s / distributor’s and the manager’s and to link it at least, with one of the artist’s verified profiles on Facebook or Twitter. Apple Music for Artists will verify all the information and the identity before giving access to the platform.